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Delaney Applauds Commitments to American Business Act on Climate Pledge

Oct 19, 2015
Press Release
81 American companies sign pledge to reduce emissions, adopt more sustainable practices

WASHINGTON – Today, the White House announced that 81 major American companies will sign the American Business Act on Climate Pledge. The pledge establishes an ongoing commitment to climate action and includes reducing emissions, increasing investment in low-carbon energy sources and increased use of sustainable practices. According to the White House, the 81 companies that are committing to act on climate have operations in all 50 states and employ over 9 million people.

“To be successful in the private sector you have to be data-driven and forward-looking and that’s why it is no surprise that so many leading businesses are now stepping up and responding to climate change. Extreme weather and increased natural disasters are literally a bad business climate,” said Congressman Delaney. “Climate change is the defining environmental threat of our time and the only way we can tackle a problem this large is by working together. In my view, the most effective response to climate change will be market-driven, unleashing the ingenuity and innovation of the private sector. I applaud the White House and America’s business leaders for working together and creating a dialogue on this issue.” 

Delaney is the only former CEO of a publicly-traded company in the House of Representatives. Earlier this year, Delaney introduced the Tax Pollution, Not Profits Act, which establishes a tax on greenhouse gas emissions; with receipts from the tax directed towards 1) reducing the corporate tax rate to increase employment and reduce consumer costs 2) providing monthly payments to low-income and middle-class households and 3) funding job training, early retirement and health care benefits to coal workers.

The American Business Act on Climate Pledge was first announced in July. For a full list of the companies participating, click here.