Committees and Caucuses


I am a member of the House Committee on Financial Services, which has jurisdiction over legislation relating to banking, deposit insurance, monetary policy, money and credit, housing, and other aspects of financial services law. For a full list of members of the committee, click here.

I am also a member of the Joint Economic Committee, a bicameral committee that is composed of ten members from the House and Senate. Its main purpose is to make a continuing study of the the United States' economy.


Upon taking office in 2013, I joined the New Democrat Coalitition, a group of pro-growth, fiscally-responsible members. For more information on the House New Democrats, click here. I am a co-chair of the New Democrat Coalition Task Force on Infrastructure.

Because of my concerns over climate change, I am a member of the House Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition (SEEC), which advances policies that promote clean energy technology and domestic manufacturing and development of renewable energy resources. For more information on SEEC, click here. I am also a founding member of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.

In 2015, I founded the Artificial Intelligence Caucus. The goal of the bipartisan AI Caucus is to inform policymakers of the technological, economic and social impacts of advances in AI.

I am also a co-chair of the Social Investment Task Force.